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We offer everything from simple ball valves to more demanding applications – whatever the brand

In our carefully selected product programme, you'll find products from leading manufacturers in the industry.


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Mikael Hedin

Product and Sales Manager


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The Isolation programme includes ball valves, butterfly valves, slide damper valves, nail valves, mushroom valves and more. With our large range of materials and specifications, we cover most needs.


The instrument programme covers everything needed to monitor your process such as flow meters, level meters, pressure sensors and more. Talk to us and we'll find a solution.


The control programme comprises all types of valves needed to control and monitors flows or pressure. No matter what the environment or medium, we can help you with the right solution.



Other products

Our programme for handling condensate comprises diverters, control valves, distribution valves and more. Feel free to contact us and we'll help you find a suitable solution.


Our other products include safety valves, control devices, angle-seat valves, adjustment valves, check valves, dirt filters and sight glasses. We'll help you, of course, with the solution that fits best, regardless of the brand.